Why I'm Running

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Abolishing Abortion

The murder of children through abortion is the leading cause of death in North Carolina, and has been for decades, yet the establishment has failed to bring justice for these children. We also have failed to keep our politicians accountable to their duty to obey God’s law and be a voice for the voiceless. We will no longer sit back and watch our politicians use our children as political footballs and talking points for re-election. Not anymore.  The time to stop the compromise and to stand up for our pre-born children is now.

Medical Freedom

We have endured years of lock downs and lies, yet the establishment politicians have failed to adequately defend our rights. Our churches were shut down. Two weeks to stop the spread became three jabs to feed your family. We cannot allow a medical apartheid through vaccine passports and mandates.  Medical freedom is a basic human right.

Educational Freedom

CRT, transgenderism, and socialist ideologies have taken over the public school system, endangering the next generation of youth.  Educational funds should follow the child, and the parents should decide where the child goes, whether that is public, private, or homeschool.  Once the government monopoly on education is broken, then they will have to compete on merit for your child’s education.  My aim is to enable parents to have the most control over their child's educational future.

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The establishment has failed us. If you want what you have been getting over the past years, keep voting for the same politicians who gave it to you. I believe its time for a change. We have the duty and obligation to stand up for what is right and fight for our children’s future. Join me on May 17th to change the course of this state.

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